PCR Diagnostics Laboratory Establishment

Molecular diagnostics are revolutionising the clinical practice of infectious diseases. Their effects will be significant in acute-care settings where timely and accurate diagnostic tools are critical for patient treatment decisions and outcomes. PCR is the most well-developed molecular technique up to now and has a wide range of already fulfilled, and potential, clinical applications, including specific or broad-spectrum pathogen detection, evaluation of emerging novel infections, surveillance, early detection of biothreat agents, and antimicrobial resistance profiling. PCR-based methods may also be cost-effective relative to traditional testing procedures.

We have outlined a brief overview of our end-to-end laboratory set-up and testing solutions.

The PCR Diagnostics Lab – 250sqm

Laboratory Equipment

  • RNA Extractor
  • RT-qPCR System
  • PCR Detection System
  • Mantis Formulatrix Pipetting System
  • Spectrometers
  • Small and Large Centrifuge, Electrophoresis
  • Freezer, Refrigerator, Thermostat – Thermo Scientific
  • Pipettes and Lab Accessories

RT-PCR Kit for COVID-19



Reaction time is ~ 1.5 hours
Result issuing in ~ 3 hours


High Sensitivity

100ml copies/ml (verified by clinical data)


High Specificity

No cross reaction with SARS and other corona viruses


Whole process quality control

Internal control for monitoring sample quality & operation

RT-PCR Workflow for COVID-19

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