Vaccine Card System

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic technology group, GebeCert has developed and patented a Vaccine Card System backed by blockchain technology which essentially renders the system impossible to hack or counterfeit. Alfacare Group Limited has signed an agreement with GebeCert for the licensing of this technology. Client data is processed in real-time at the point of vaccination with the issue of Vaccine Cards with encoded high-frequency microchips. Data entry can be input via a smartphone, iPad or PC and stored on a secure client database. Data can be deleted or updated off any card, and the system enjoys in-built future flexibility with the capacity to be expanded to include other vaccinations or health data, ideal for developing countries seeking a “white label” solution with the creation of universal vaccine cards. Secure access for Authorised Staff only, secured via the IP address of Vaccine centre and log-in credentials.

Scope of Service

Exclusive license agreement to use GebeCert’s patented Vaccine Card System incorporating blockchain technology. Additional fields can be added to the system ie: PCR Testing / Antigen Testing.
Service shall include the creation of bespoke database portal tailored to the client’s exact requirements for input, updating and administration in real-time of patient data at the point of vaccination together with the issue of anti-counterfeit vaccine card underwritten by blockchain technology with
integrated microchip.

  • Dashboard to manage Users, role, Products, Locations and other statistics / data analytics
  • User role will contain permission to manage specific task on the admin portal. Vaccine cards with microchip, QR code, UID management
  • Location and Category management
  • API to connect with Staff web base admin & User instant application
  • Scanner mobile app with a reader for HF microchips (if required)

Distribution Model for Vaccine / PCR Test Cards

In order to facilitate the smooth transition and adoption of a fully integrated digital solution for all travellers crossing borders, Alfacare proposes the following measures:

  1. All international travels who are currently required to fill in health arrival forms will synchronize their data with Alfacare’s portal to automatically issue them their smart vaccine card on arrival. This will allow travelers to be eligible for vaccination, rapid and or PCR testing upon arrival/departure.
  2. Vaccine cards can be digitally printer on or before arrival.
  3. For travelers within the country, testing centers will also be able to issue a vaccine card. The cards will be issued when results are out for PCR tests or within 24 hours of vaccination and need to be collected by users at the authorized location centers.

Product Development & Sign-Off

The product development process can be illustrated as follows:

Additional Ancillary Services

Composite Vaccine / Medical / Health Cards

Technical Requirements Overview & Scope

  • Components:
    • Vaccine Cards with microchip
    • QR code with HF support
    • Security Access Blocks
  • Virtual:
    • Web Application, Vaccine System
  • Server
    • MySQL, Redis, Blockchain, NodeJS

PCR & Antigen Rapid Test Administration

Vaccine Administration

Secure Encryption

Encryption changes with every scan

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